Links from the Penn State College of Education Case Study

Links from the Penn State College of Education Case Study

2016, Jun 28    

Here are the links to the Mac management tools used in the College of Education at Penn State shown at the MacAdmins Conference 2016 at Penn State. If you are currently not using any management tools to maanage your macOS and iOS envrionment, I strongly recommend checking these out.

Create Vanilla Image - AutoDMG
Create NetBoot Set - NBICreator
Lay Down flat Image - Imagr
Create Local Admin Account - CreateUserPKG

Configuration Management
JAMF's Casper Suite

Patch Management
Install 3rd party software and Apple Updates -Munki
Download Apple Updates to your own server - Reposado
Keep Munki's updates up to date - AutoPKG
Deal with Adobe Creative Cloud Updates - AAMPORTER
Manage manifests and pkginfo files - MunkiWebAdmin2
Run AutoPKG nightly and update git repos - Jenkins
Easy to read graphs on Mac Fleet and Munki and Apple Update status - MunkiReport
Auto promotion of apps to desired catalog - Munki Promote
Manage your AppleSUS Server - Margarita (Active Directory version here)

Thanks to everyone who attended the session today. Also attached below is the Keynote Presentation

MacAdmins 2016 Presentation